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Tetsuo I: The Iron Man
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Tetsuo I: The Iron Man

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Anonymous picture

This is like Eraserhead if it were adapated from a Katsuhiro Otomo manga. Very bizarre, and definitely not for the squeamish, but I enjoyed this a lot.

Anonymous picture

The most punk thing I've ever seen.

Kara Rae avatar
Kara Rae

I couldn't agree more : )


Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Overwhelmingly crazy cyberpunk nightmare - I loved it.

Anonymous picture

what the fuck did I just watch?

Anonymous picture

Surreal films tend to sort of wear thin by the end of them, but I enjoy films that have a point. I like that it's short enough to not really get tedious and the cyberpunk aesthetic is done better than probably any other film I've seen. Lovely stuff. I do feel hat - like with most cult horror ...Read more

Anonymous picture

In terms of technique (that is, to say, gijutsu-teki) this film is incredible. An whirlwind of unnerving edits and fantastic special effects left me both enraptured and unnerved for the entire film. Also worth noting is the films soundtrack - completely enhances the film's atmosphere and ...Read more