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Terms of Endearment
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Terms of Endearment

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

I had seen the movie when it came out, but this time I found it far too melodramatic and did not enjoy it much. I found Shirley MacLaine as a hysteric mother nerve wracking and her relationship with daughter Debra Winger difficult to endure.

Anonymous picture

what a Wonderfull movie !!! Star cast and beautiful story.

Anonymous picture

Excellent. Make more like this please.

Anonymous picture

*****I saw this film at least twice already, but they really don't make movies like this anymore. I can't think of another movie that had me laughing so much and then crying all in one film. And I don't cry easily. Everyone was so good in their role, but Shirley & Jack together, well ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great story and perfect casting - Jack Nicholson in a role seemed made for him but even more fun and lovable, Shirley MacLaine in a character only she could play and she plays it beautifully, and Debra Winger just glows. Love this movie.

Anonymous picture

Are you kidding? This is a classic family drama with grandma's odd ball boyfriend stepping up at the end. I've seen it twice now and every time I remind myself that I will never watch it again, plenty of tissues later.