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The Silver Screen - Color Me Lavender
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The Silver Screen - Color Me Lavender
Homosexual Overtones in Classic Cinema

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Anonymous picture

I enjoyed watching this, especially since it highlights the remarkably good looking Massimo Girotti in "Ossessione". I remember first seeing this movie 40 years ago in a theater in New York city and being instantly smitten by this living doll with unbelievable blue eyes. The way the camera ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I see that some disapprove of this because it doesn;t have more acdemic credentials. Well, SNAP! It is one of many and has its place. I was glad to see Ossessione noted here, but why not include Red River--which is queer in so many ways. Also: the opening scenes of two men and sundry ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I wouldn't even call this a good doc about gay representation in film as it seems to be more based on opinion than research, but I also kinda love it. So, uh, "different strokes, different folks" and all that.

Anonymous picture

Not a very good doc. Have seen better ones. Research is questionable.

Anonymous picture

A little too much historicism for me.

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