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Anonymous picture

Seems an allegory for the Age of Trump. Haven't seen it staged so can't comment on how untrue this movie is to Ionesco's intent, but not too amped up on that kind of issue. Did the young Coen Brothers see it? I can imagine them turning to one another as the credits begin to roll and saying, ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Definitely don’t expect laughs. This movie won't read as comedy to its contemporary audience. Instead, prepare to savor a wooden, lugubrious exercise in postmodernism. Though it floats ambiguously between film and stage production, one can read the visceral weight and limitations of the ...Read more

josh avatar

I stumbled on this film and watched for a love of Gene Wilder. The film was pretty much panned when it was released, and not without good reason. it does descend into that 70s absurdity humor that gets a little old for me, but as i was watching things SLOWLY unfold, i started reading the WIKI ...Read more

Lauren avatar

RIP Gene Wilder. This legendary comedic actor is most famous for his classic portrayal of Willy Wonka as well as decades of films with comedic greats like Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor. He will be greatly missed.