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The Red Baron
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The Red Baron
Der rote Baron

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Anonymous picture

Not at all accurate historically. There was a Baron Manfred von Richthofen, and he had his plane painted red. Anything beyond that is, to put it politely, fiction. I suggest watching "Dawn Patrol" instead.

Anonymous picture

Lena, wow.. solid film but the dogfights, turning left and right, it doesnt work like that. watch Dogfights on AMC? it's about turn rates, not simply jerking right or left. that leads to instant death. you would turn right back into the stream of bullets!

Anonymous picture

I was pleasently surprised to learn at the end that it was quite historicaly accurate. I thought it was just a nice romatic fiction and the flying and aircraft were terrific

Anonymous picture

I liked it. The period sets were very realistic as was the flying and WWI airplanes. The romance and drama was pretty good too.

Anonymous picture

For those interested in history and the Red Baron, this movie meets the criteria.