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Pride Denied
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Pride Denied
Homonationalism and the Future of Queer Politics

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Comments (7)

Lina avatar

A timely documentary made with love and care for the future of queer people, for the future in which differences are actively valued and understood in relation to each other. I have used the film in multiple courses in Women's Studies, LGBTQ Studies, Media Studies, and events dedicated to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

One of the most nuanced, politically illuminating and complex documentaries on pride. Highly recommended for wide international distribution.

Chase avatar

An important documentary for everyone, LGBT folks in particular, to watch. Anti-pride movements and rhetoric have gained steam in recent years, but this documentary fleshes out these sentiments beyond the reductive 'pride has been corporatized' argument. Notions such as pinkwashing and ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Agreed! Highly complex and illuminating piece of work.

Anonymous picture

A great case study on how the gay rights movement has been co-opted by anti-Semitic theories about Jewish manipulation which has resulted in Jews not being let into their progressive spaces like at the Dyke March/Slut Walk Chicago which banned Stars of David in 2007.

Anonymous picture

So true. Part of the documented plan of Islamic extremists is to infiltrate left-wing groups and pretend they support minority rights, all in an attempt to gain a foothold in North America. McCaskill and the other anti-Israel people are being played. If they really cared about "apartheid" ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Agreed. The featured "documentary" really is a propaganda piece , representing interests that are actually against progress, equal rights , and positive dialogue, and that instead play a cynical identity-baiting game that ultimately serves regimes and interest groups that oppose core human ...Read more