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Kate Plays Christine
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Kate Plays Christine
An Actress Prepares for the Role of a Lifetime

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

This video is boring. This is not an exploration of anything. Most of it is Kate Lyn Sheil walking around and listening passively. There is no premise, we don't see the process of a real actress, we never understand Christine or her actions. The only thing I am going to remember is how ...Read more

Chai avatar

Food for thought.

Anonymous picture

Are there really 2 movies about this being made within a year of each other, or I guess 3 movies counting this doc? The movie "Christine" came out in 2016 with Rebecca Hall playing the lead part. I don't get it.

Anonymous picture

Self-forfilling actress, selfish, shame on Kate, very disrespectful to the Dead and families of those who have passed. Terrible ending. Terrible Video. Terrible Actress.