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Just Eat It
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Just Eat It
A Food Waste Story

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This video follows food lovers Jen and Grant as they cover the issue of food waste. Including farms, retail and right at home. The idea of food waste is not always your first thought when you start thinking of sustainable ways to help our future. Within the first few minutes the video starts ...Read more

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In a modern world that experiences poverty, hunger and malnourishment on a massive scale every single day, it is very sad to think about how much food is thrown away by families, restaurants, farms and grocery stores. To specify, a good portion of this food is not expired, spoiled, rotten or ...Read more

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In the movie Just Eat It by Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer, it follows the two as they take on a challenge to show how bad food waste is. They set a goal for six months to be able to only eat food waste, more specifically food that is being thrown out by grocery stores and other places that ...Read more

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The documentary, “Just Eat It”, follows a Canadian couple, Grant and Jen, as they attempt to go six months without buying any ‘new’ food. They are only allowed to buy things that have already expired or been thrown out and they are also allowed to eat meals that friends and family have ...Read more

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Just Eat It is a movie that is concerned with food waste in places such as Europe and North America. The documentary follow a couple who
decides to live off only scrapped foods for six months. A lot of the food that they found was thrown away by grocery stores and was also in perfectly ...Read more

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In Just Eat It, a couple challenged themselves to eat only food waste, whether that be the food that going to be taken off the shelves in grocery stores, or food that had already been thrown out. The purpose of this challenge was to explore how much food is actually wasted, most of which is ...Read more

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The documentary, Just Eat It: The Food Waste Story, draws attention to the disgusting truth behind food waste in America. The documentary off by restating the fact that 40% of the food produced is wasted. The filmmakers Jen and Grant take this fact as a challenge to show the world the truth ...Read more

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The documentary, Just Eat It, follows the story of a couple, Jen and Grant, taking on a 6 month challenge to only consume food waste and not purchase anything new. The challenge entails only consuming food that has been deemed as “bad”, “unfit for the consumers’ aesthetic”, or that was simply ...Read more

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The documentary, Just Eat It, follows the journey of Jen and Grant as they pledge to only eat food waste for six months. They are committed to only eating food that others are going to throw away or food that has already been thrown away. During this time period, Jen and Grant do a lot of ...Read more

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For some, food can be more than just a means to nourish oneself, but a way to connect with others or connect to a certain culture. While these attitudes have shaped the way we bond with others, they have also resulted in an exorbitant amount of food waste. Filmmaker Grant Baldwin and ...Read more

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The documentary, Just Eat It, argues that valuable food is being wasted for no reason. This movie allows viewers to see how much food was wasted on the fields, and factories, and stores, and homes. The problem is so widespread, making it tricky because there’s not just one fix to the ...Read more

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The movie, Just Eat It follows a couple (Jen and Grant) who took a six-month challenge of only eating food waste or food that was going to be culled off the shelves of super markets. Both Jen and Grant are very humbled by this experience, and plan to continue to look for food they know will ...Read more

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Directed by Grant Baldwin, Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story is a documentary about food waste. The purpose of this documentary is to show the impact on food waste and that it is everywhere around us. To support this thesis, not only do we get facts and information through ...Read more

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Just Eat It documents the journey of a Canadian couple who pledge to survive six months living solely off of food that is going to be (or is) thrown away. They roam the streets, ask irritated grocers for food recently taken off the shelf, and dive into dumpsters with flashlights in the dark ...Read more

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The anti-food waste movie, Just Eat It, follows a couple who takes on the challenge of only eating food they find in dumpsters or culled food in stores for six months. The couple, who is comprised of the director of the film and his wife, dumpster dive and pay for food in the store that was ...Read more

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ching yee

What an eye opener to the food wastage issue and culture...And somehow, in our society, sometimes we get second looks when we don’t waste food by having leftovers packed up, or accepting perfectly wonderful food that will otherwise go to the dumpster if it’s not eaten! This is a must (and ...Read more

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the whiney privilege these ppl exhibit is disgusting omg are they for real???

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I feel like I've been throwing away my money by purchasing food al this time ^ ^".

I loved the pictures of the dishes they prepared :3