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Jules and Jim
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Jules and Jim

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

A fantasy where people proclaim and declare. Also, if you want to show -- show, do not narrate, it's a movie, for P. sake. Bande à part it is not. 3/5

Anonymous picture

The war montage that splits the movie in half is unbelievable. What an incredible film

Anonymous picture

They're all crazy imo.

Anonymous picture

Truffaut was naturally the best fit for this beautiful story, but i did expect a little bit more of "nouvelle vague" perfume in the last 15 minutes of this movie. At the end, it felt longer to be honest. But lovely cinematography overall.

Anonymous picture

Catherine is a whirlwind. She is a black hole. She is wild and reckless and feels so authentic. She is not a great person, but she sure feels like a real one! She (apart from the style) is the most enjoyable part of this masterpiece of French New Wave.

Anonymous picture

Good cinematography. I tire of the femme fatale plot, though.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Listen. I've seen a lot of movies. but when it comes to a CLASSIC. I don't even like to say a word. First off all, the poetry here is more than you can even think about. Clearl,y there was a lot of discussion before this movie, a lot of rigorous planning. Secondly, the way that the characters ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Like a French Woody Allen movie, for better or worse. Well-made and well-acted, but ultimately kind of silly.

Anonymous picture

Now I know what Thelma and Louise was inspired by. A heartbreaking yet provocative piece of work.

Anonymous picture