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Happy Hour
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Happy Hour

A powerful affirmation of the immersive potential of cinema. HAPPY HOUR is a slow-burning epic chronicling the emotional journey of four thirty-something women in the misty seaside city of Kobe. As they navigate the unsteady currents of their work, domestic, and romantic lives a sudden, unexpected rift opens between that propels each to a new, richer understanding of life and love.

Filmmaker Ryusuke Hamaguchi's wise, precisely observed, compulsively watchable drama of friendship and midlife awakening runs over five hours, yet the leisurely duration is not an indulgence but a strategy to create a novelistic space for everyday moments to become charged with possibility that yields a subtle emotional intensity rarely possible in a standard-length film.

Winner of Best Actress and nominated for the Golden Leopard at the Locarno International Film Festival. Voted 3rd Place for Best Overlooked film in the Indiewire Critics' Poll.

"Hamaguchi is a genius of scene construction, turning the fierce poetry of painfully revealing and pugnaciously wounding dialogue into powerful drama that's sustained by a seemingly spontaneous yet analytically precise visual architecture." - Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Running Time
318 mins
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Anonymous picture

An unbelievably beautiful film. Slow but magically filmed with great performances and a precise sense of staging and natural drama