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Girl Asleep
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Girl Asleep

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Comments (9)

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I agree with Scott.

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I enjoyed this odd coming of age film. The story was well thought out and shot beautifully. The fantasy sequence was a nice way to show Greta's feelings. Glad I watched it.

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What an unexpected delight. I clicked "play" on this movie having no idea what it was about, and was surprised to find a fun, funny, inspired, and truly human experience. It may be a little sentimental for some folks but for me it absolutely works. 4 stars

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Entire film is great. Loved the idea and execution was stunning. Bethany Whitmore however was probably 16 when they shot it. That could account for why the movie doesn't work as well as it should. She looks older than her character.

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really did not like this one, but i finished it lol.

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Nice visuals/color and I enjoyed some of the humor. I had a lot of ups and downs - there were some 5 star moments, there were some 2 star moments. I didn't care for the trippy / supernatural / and dream sequences - really could have lived without those. Started out strong, but seemed to break ...Read more

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Can someone explain how this movie got 4 stars rating?

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Ambitiously inventive and well-intentioned, by the end it wears itself out under the clunky weight of its intentions. Too bad, as somewhere under all that heavy-handed Freudian symbolism lies a sweet and affecting coming-of-age story. This isn't it.