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Comments (27)

Anonymous picture

Every caucasian in this film's universe is either incompetent, pompous or a cultural appropriator. The shtick's getting a bit stale to be honest.

Anonymous picture

I loved this movie. Wyatt Cenac has a natural charm and the story, combined with good acting all around, reminds me of the original "Out of Towners" Much like Jack Lemmon's character, Cenac's David eventually and hysterically works himself into a frenzy due to an unfortunate and somewhat ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Fun, quirky movie with many actors who have also been on HBO's, "High Maintenance". This movie shares a similar funny and absurd point of view.

Anonymous picture

Cute & simple feel-good weekend movie. Light. Good for just taking a break from everything. Comical "what is going on?" moments.

Anonymous picture

I liked it! Funny and sweet. I laughed out loud during the police scenes.

Anonymous picture

LOL All your comments are hilarious and I suspect more interesting than the movie probably is which is why Im gonna pass . Thanks people

Anonymous picture

Very good. Nice to watch something light hearted with no murders, or over the top sex. They make a great couple.

Anonymous picture

i laughed out loud during movie, so cute,funny and feel good movie.

Anonymous picture

Terrible. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous picture

Love when people of color are the main characters <3

Anonymous picture

sweet. funny dialogue. goes to show what good can happen when you don't freak out when bad things happen to you. my husband refuses t cell phone and i kno the world of the one cell phone well.

Anonymous picture

Cute, funny, David was relatable

Anonymous picture

terrible, don't waste your time, nothing happens, silly plot and annoying characters

Anonymous picture

Differently funny. Refreshing.

Nara avatar

The first film in a year and a half that I've watched to the end.

Anonymous picture

Hilarious, though it's appeal may not extend beyond writers.

Anonymous picture

A totally unbelievable plot. No one is as stupid as the character Wyatt Cenac plays (and he's a writer). How movies like this get money to fund them is a true mystery.

Anonymous picture

I thought he was quite relatable, definitely more than the other characters. I may be stupid. Perhaps that's what my three degrees, living in five countries, and working in business, politics, education, and religion did to me, and I sure like myself and his character.

Anonymous picture

Good grief! What is with the big self reveal? How does it relate to the film? Tedious...UGH

Betty avatar

man that was excruciating! i just could not watch beyond that point of realizing this. now wonder if ppl who created this are poc themselves or not *yuk*

Anonymous picture


Anonymous picture

Funny and inspiring!

Anonymous picture

That was great, a fun, funny, simple sweet story with engaging dialogue. Worth the watch.

Anonymous picture

liked this film.

Anonymous picture

like it :)

Anonymous picture

Rewarding way to spend some screen time. Cathartic for all of us NY artists who feel awkward while schmoozing. Sweet characters well acted.

Anonymous picture

I liked it. It what sparks the better half to inspire the other in a strange way.