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The Crimes of Padre Amaro
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The Crimes of Padre Amaro
El crimen del Padre Amaro

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

After watching the movie immediately borrowed the book from the library...translated from the original Portuguese. I couldn't believe the book was written a hundred years ago!

Anonymous picture

Padre Amaro, very handsome man!

Anonymous picture

The church is corrupt, nothing new...and a melodramatic story (sort of soap).

Anonymous picture

very realistic. important film to show students.

Anonymous picture

Interesting movie

Anonymous picture

Save for the dramatic ending this could almost be a very dark social satire. Both the priesthood and the townspeople are rife with hypocrisy and deception. The only truly virtuous priest is excommunicated. That says it all. It's well done and worth a viewing.

Anonymous picture
Agustin Benito

Very good movie.