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The Twisted Tale Of Bloody Mary - The Life of Mary Tudor
Powerful independent full length feature film about the life of Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's first child. She was loved, she was a princess, heir to the throne - but the childhood fairy tale turned to a lifelong nightmare for Mary.…
Marketing Strategy Case Studies - The Starbucks Experience
Key Topics Marketing Strategy Retailing Corporate Social Responsibility Globalisation Starbucks is the essential success story of the American capitalist dream. From humble beginnings in 1971 as a Seattle coffee store, it's become a multinational with over 21,000 outlets in 63…
AIDS in Africa, WHY?
Key Topics HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa Effects of poverty in Africa Effects of structural adjustment in Africa Swaziland 70% of the world's HIV infections occur in sub-Saharan Africa. Swaziland, for example, has the highest HIV infection rate in the world.…
The European Union Explained
Key Topics The European Union History The EU Institutions Arguments For And Against Conceived as a noble cause, to prevent another war in Europe, the EU has become embroiled in controversy. But what is the EU? How does it work?…
Change & Disruption - An Case Study
The rise of since its start-up in 1994 is the classic case study in disruptive innovation. First an on-line retailer, broadening into a platform for other sellers, Amazon has been guided by the restless spirit of its founder Jeff…
The Industrial Revolution - Causes and Effects
A series discussing the Industrial Revolution. Clip #1: "One Man's Life" - Clip #2: "The Causes" - Clip #3: "The Effects" -
3 videos
Responsible Corporations? - Primark, RBS, The Drugs Industry
This film looks at the ethics of three internationally known corporations. How responsible are they in terms of the environment, of our health and the way they treat the people who work for them? PRIMARK Primark is one of the…
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A Decent Factory?
Part of the Series: Essentials of Marketing Collection
With the fastest growing economy in the history of the world, China is the workshop of globalisation. But are workers paying the price for a manufacturing revolution? This unique fly-on-the-wall documentary uncovers the hard realities of working conditions in a…
Inside China 1: The Rise Of A Superpower
Part of the Series: Inside China Collection
How has China transformed, inside 30 years, from developing nation to the world's next largest economy after the USA? Includes interviews with historians, eye-witnesses and party officials. TIANANMEN SQUARE A dramatic turning point was the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989…
Managing Change In Organizations
PART 1 Introduction Change in business is nothing new - it's the pace of change. The digital revolution has destroyed old businesses and created vast new empires. To survive, organizations must be quick to adapt - but people, generally, don't…
The English Reformation: Henry VIII & The Break With Rome - Why Henry VIII Broke from the Catholic Church
The Church Of England as we know it today has its roots in Henry VIII's conflict with the Roman Catholic Church in Rome - resulting ultimately in a complete break. This film explains the reasons and the repercussions with the…
Fair Trade and Chocolate: The Divine Story
Part of the Series: Essentials of Marketing Collection
Buy a bar of fair trade chocolate and help people in the developing world, too. This is the unique selling point of Divine Chocolate - but is it too good to be true? Social Enterprise: Divine was set up a…
Google: The Trouble with Success
Google has grown from nothing in 1998 to a multinational tech giant. We tell that story, we identify the drivers of success. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin didn't want to sell advertising at first. Now Google search is a…
The Marketing Series 2: The 4 P's and Beyond
Part of the Series: Essentials of Marketing Collection
The four P's of the marketing mix - product, promotion, price and place - are still seen as the basis of marketing - but how relevant are they today? Using case studies of companies large and small this film explains…
Human Resources Strategy
Part of the Series: Recruitment & People Management
Key Topics Human Resources Sainsbury's General Mills Soft HRM Hard HRM HR Strategy What's meant by a human resources strategy? How does it work in practice? Clip #1: "Introduction" - Clip #2: "Case Study 1 - HR Objectives and Strategy…
5 videos
Inside China 2: China The Future?
Part of the Series: Inside China Collection
China is flexing its economic muscle, investing all over the world. What does this mean for the West? AFRICA China needs access to energy and raw materials - that's why it's pouring huge investment into Africa. Mozambique's economy, for example,…
Impact of Tourism: Thailand
Part of the Series: Sustainable Tourism Collection
Beautiful beaches, wonderful scenery and friendly people -- Thailand seems the ideal tourist destination. But what don't they tell you in the holiday brochure? The Thai tourist authority is pushing "ecotourism", which, in theory at least, doesn't damage the environment.…
Motivation Theories
Part of the Series: Recruitment & People Management
How do companies try to motivate their employees? What are the theories behind motivation, and do they work in the real world? What do staff feel motivates - or demotivates - them? Clip #1: "Part 1: A Brief Guide to…
3 videos
Accounting and Finance Clips 1: Accounts, Forecasting and Breakeven
Part of the Series: Accounting and Finance Collection
Four film clips explain and illustrate key topics in finance using a variety of case study examples. Key Topics Profit & Loss Account Balance Sheet Accounting Forecasting Breakeven Clip #1: "Clip 1: Introducing Accounts" - Clip #2: "Clip 2: What…
4 videos
Marketing Mix: Price
Part of the Series: Essentials of Marketing Collection
Key Topics covered in this video include: Pricing Strategies Price & Income Elasticity Of Demand Penetration Pricing Promotional & Premium Pricing Skimming Price Discrimination Clip #1: "Introduction to Price" - Clip #2: "Pricing Strategies" - Clip #3: "Pricing Case Studies"…
3 videos