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The Man Who Discovered Capitalism - The Life and Ideas of Influential Economist Joseph Schumpeter
Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) coined the term "creative destruction" and generations of economists have adopted it as a shorthand description of the free market's messy way of delivering progress. Schumpeter believed capitalism would be destroyed by its successes and would spawn…
Chasing Beauty - Is Beauty Worth the Cost?
A rare glimpse into the intriguingly complex world of professional modeling. Behind the glossy covers of Vogue and Glamour lie the rarely-discussed, uncensored stories of what models endure and sacrifice in order to become a top model. Through interviews with…
Together in Pieces - Street Art & Politics in an Evolving Northern Ireland
An innovative and stylish take on the impact street art has in Northern Ireland, TOGETHER IN PIECES presents infamous murals and political slogans that have taunted its communities for over 40 years, yet which are being slowly transformed by a…
Chasing Shadows - A Photographer Captures Solar Eclipses Around the World
For most people, total solar eclipses are once in a lifetime occurrences. Not for Geoff Sims, a professional photographer and astronomer who has captured many eclipses on many continents. He has travelled the globe in pursuit of solar eclipses, resulting…